gotta light?


gotta light?

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make me stop 

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gorilla warfare

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Hi! I was browsing your shop (because I REALLY want to get something soon) and I noticed your last name looks Indonesian? Or Malay?? Either way, I'm chinese-Indonesian and I always think it's cool to see other potential indos out there haha. Sorry if this was really random >3<

BREH i’m chinese indonesian too

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I found a couple of good angles, so I took a lot of pictures of myself tonight. please forgive my spotty complexion and sorry excuse for winged eyeliner, as this is the first time i’ve put on makeup in several months. 

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every time i listen to lee woogyumpreg's audios i get surprised by how beautiful her singing is EVERY TIME even though i've heard her sing other things before 

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davichi, it's ok that's kennedy


i covered it’s ok that’s love for kennedy sappling bday but im late… so sorry i work so slowly =( i love u and i hope u had a wonderful bday and that this is satisfactory.. thank u for always being supportive and sweet!!<3

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cr: kin

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jjong i want the aesthetics of your face

*hires ellen to model my art officially*

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beta males lmaooooooooooooooooooo god 

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