jongyu picspam for vseoks

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like truly leave the internet with these dumbhyun fallacies don’t even bother stay in ur lane just pull over to the curb and stop and think hard abt ur transgressions 

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terraslip said: these bitxhes r trying to kill me istg

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i’ve seen a dumbhyun tag twice tonight don’t try me

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jonghyun catching a piece of confetti with his tongue
jonghyun catching a piece of confetti with his tongue

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jonghyun trying to catch confetti in his mouth… why

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if you think your bias is weird, here is taemin catching the confetti with his mouth…

where do u think he learnt it 

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i jst want a lil thumbelina jonghyun to live in my drawer kero style

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taemin annoying the noona with his awesome counting in english

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Lee Taemin 2014 - WIP

Lee Taemin 2014 - WIP

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